Practical Refresher Courses

Minimum Duration By agreement according to requirement
Price By agreement according to duration
Minimum Age 17
Pre Course Requirement Companies and agencies require their staff to undertake refresher courses to supplement their RYA qualifications.
Pre Course recommendation N/A
Assumed knowledge OneOcean Sea School offer refresher courses for all levels of competence.

Candidates who have already gained their Advanced Powerboat Commercial Certificate and need to attend a refresher course will follow the syllabus of the RYA Advanced Powerboat Course which includes a night exercise.

Course Content There is no certificate at the end of a refresher course. Candidates will have been instructed in the relevant competence and syllabus during the course. (i..e RYA Powetboat Level 1, 2, Intermediate or Advanced).
Ability after the course Refreshed practical skills, theory, updated with new legislation and commercial requirements as appropriate.
Course Dates By arrangement
How to book Call us on (01656) 880033 or email us to book your course.

For specific competencies see relevant pages on RYA Powerboat Level 1, 2, Intermediate and Advanced.