“Thank you for your course, I really did enjoy myself.” BW, Newport, May 2024. RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course.

“Thank you for your excellent tuition.  The course was really enjoyable, as well as educational, and well exceeded my expectations.” WH, South Wales, May 2024. RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course.

“On the scale of 1-5 it’s 5 [excellent] across the board

What did I enjoy most? The knowledge and expertise of Meuryn, the facilities and the overall experience. Brilliant tutor, very professional which makes for a fantastic and meaningful experience. 

What did I enjoy least? Nothing. Great balance of theory and practical

Would I return / recommend – Definitely

Discovered OneOcean on-line”

NH, South Wales, December 2022. RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course.

“I just wanted to thank you for the course. As well as learning & relearning so much I also recognised what I still don’t know or need to improve on. Thats the sign of excellent tuition and the bonus was that I really enjoyed myself!!. AC. South Wales. September 2020. RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course

“Relaxed environment and tailored training according to needs. Extremely knowledgable instructor. AB. Gwynedd, Wales. November 2019. RYA Yachtmaster Theory Course”

“Meuryn’s willingness to tailor the training to my experience level and my long-term goals was excellent. I was able to gain the maximum benefit from the time we spent on the water. The opportunity to take advantage of Meuryn’s vast experience to consider a wide variety of potential at-sea scenarios was invaluable. MB. UK. March 2018. RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course”

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me pass my Powerboat Level 2 Course. I thought the instruction was excellent, 10/10. PC. London. May 2017. RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course”

“Treated like part of the family. Made Welcome. Plenty of tea and coffee! Talked over items plenty of times which I was struggling on. Very easy going in a relaxed setting and great course. MS. Cardiff. November 2016. RYA Day Skipper Theory.”

“Our Instructor made it so easy to take on information. SM. Port Talbot. November 2016. RYA Day Skipper Theory.”

“Good mix of practicals and theory. Lots of practice opportunities. Very approachable instructor, and answered all my questions. KK. Cardiff. May 2016. RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course.”

“Informative, practical and pleasurable course. JD.Cardiff. May 2016. RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course.”

“Just passed my RYA Day Skipper practical with OneOcean. Big thanks to Meuryn for a really great course; good solid calm practical tuition; a lovely yacht with good company and lots of Kitkats. Perhaps most importantly no dramas!. NB. Cardiff. March 2016. RYA Day Skipper Sailing Practical Course.”

“Brilliant final couple of days to finish the Day Skipper course. My weather jinx of no wind failed to show and we managed a full day of F4 tickling F5 sailing. Good straightforward instruction with no panic situations even if the bows do ease out in the barrage! With a like minded motivated crew we all had great fun learning some of the art of sailing – and you should now taste my tea! Cheers Meuryn I’ll be back for more soon. NJ. Gloucs. March 2016. RYA Day Skipper Sailing Practical Course.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend!… We cannot wait to get on our boat in two weeks time! Thank you so much!.CP. London. March 2016. RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course.”

“Thanks for a really good weekend of training. GP. Birmingham. March 2016. RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course.”

“A fantastic day. I am learning a new language.NJ. Cardiff. October 2015. One Day Sail Taster”

“Thoroughly enjoyed learning to helm. Great day! MB. Bristol. October 2015. One Day Sail Taster”

“Very enjoyable day. AM. Cwmbran. October 2015. One Day Sail Taster”

“Most informative. Great company. RC. Vale of Glamorgan. October 2015. One Day Sail Taster”

“I enjoyed being able to ask lots of questions with excellent explanations and answers. CA. Cardiff. October 2015. One Day Sail Taster”

“Instructor highly experienced, approachable with a relaxed, yet focused instructional style. Excellent training venue (Cardiff Bay and Bristol Channel) with the added benefit of having to negotiate the Cardiff Barrage to transit between the two. All in all an excellent and very well run and managed course.” MB. South Wales. August 2015. RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course.”

“Very impressed with the level of experience and instructional knowledge in addition to all the useful tips the instructor passed on.” JS. South Wales. July 2015. RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course.”

“Clear, concise, individual, safely delivered. CP. Cardiff. May 2015. RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course.”

“Great instructor. Excellent location. RD. Cardiff. May 2015. RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course.”

“One to One teaching ratio equals loads of helming time. Excellent!”PB. Cardiff. May 2015. RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course.”

“One-to-one teaching with such a knowledgable instructor made learning interesting and very, very relevant to my needs”.CA. South Wales. November 2014. RYA Day Skipper Theory Course.”

“The knowledge and experience of OneOcean Sea School is excellent. Coupled with the enthusiastic thoughtful and personal nature of the course delivery one leaves the course with a more enlightened and conscious platform on which to build. I would, and already have recommended the sea school.” DO. Cardiff. September 2014.

“Really great course, very relaxed and enjoyable. I was very impressed with the instructor’s level of knowledge. I felt I got more from the practical side of the course because it put me in the position I will be in reality.” MB. South Wales. June 2014. FPOSI

“Very knowledgeable and experienced instructor. GH.South Wales. June 2014.FPOSI “

“Friendly and supportive approach to helping a complete beginner. This was an excellent course superbly delivered. A great way to learn how to use a powerboat safely. JC. Wiltshire April 2014”

Clear instructions which has given me confidence to use my boat and progress my skills. PM. Gloucs. 20 February 2014,

“Everything was well explained and also had a decent time on the water. All in all a very informative and beneficial course. CB. Cardiff February 2014”

“Well presented. Always willing to answer questions and go over things if requested. RP. Swansea 2 February 2014”,

“Easy and positive response to questions. Also the radar computer scenarios helped to see real world application. AL. Swansea. 6 November 2013”

“Tailored teaching to reflect real-life situations not just theoretical. RW. Swansea. 26 October 2012”,

“New skills learnt. Very well relayed. AL. Swansea. 22 October 2012”

“Excellent clear and concise tuition obviously based on many years of personal experience. DL. Cardiff. September 2012”,

“Interaction and clarification between instructor and student. DO. Cardiff 24 September 2012”

“Very informative teaching. Instructor was very approachable and knowledgable. Plenty of seatime was very enjoyable and educational.LL. Cardiff. September 2012”,

“Good detail that was discussed in the course. SW. Cardiff. 29 July 2012”

“OneOcean provided a very intensive 3 week course for myself and a colleague. The course was run extremely well and the instructor made it very easy to learn with his relaxed and friendly atmosphere. His subject knowledge is second to none. He was very flexible with what we wanted out of the course and although we made it an intense course he still made it very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend doing a course with OneOcean and I myself will be looking at doing more courses in the future. SL. Arbroath. May 2012”,

“Great RYA Radar course. Straight and to the point and very informative and enhanced by his own personal knowledge and experience. Look forward to using OneOcean Ltd’s services again soon !” SH. Bridgend. July 2012”