Fast-track Powerboat Training

Duration By Arrangement. See Practical and Shorebased courses for durations. Fastrack training can be completed in 3 weeks depending on client ability and availability.
Price Approximately £2000 – £2500 per person. Discount for multiples
Minimum Age 17 – at the discretion of the Principal
Pre Course Requirement None
Pre Course recommendation Background reading on all aspects of navigation
Assumed knowledge None
Course Content OneOcean Fastrack Powerboat Training is aimed at the professional who requires intensive training at the highest level. All RYA Powerboat courses will be covered from Level 1/2 to MCA/RYA Advanced Commercial Powerboat preparation. Additionally, clients will have the option to attend the RYA VHF/DSC/SRC course RYA Radar Course and RYA Shorebased Day Skipper Theory as required. Other courses are available. Pre-requisites for undertaking the RYA/MCA Commercial are listed under training.
Assessment Continual assessment throughout. RYA/MCA Commercial Examination. Shorebased: continual assessment and examination papers. See courses for further details.
Ability after the course Achieve a higher level of expertise in navigation and theory. Preparation for the MCA Certificate of Competence / Advanced Powerboat Examination.
Course Dates Contact us for package details. Training dates by arrangement.
How to book Contact us on (01656) 880033 or email us to book your course.

Clients who apply for this course will be assessed by the Principal prior to commencement of training. All training is run at the discretion of the Principal.

This training is aimed at the professional working in the maritime industry.

Typical clients include current and ex military personnel with a maritime background who require training prior to deployment in the private sector, individuals who work in the oil and gas industries and any client who requires fast track training to achieve the MCA/RYA Commercial Powerboat Certificate for similar industries. (i.e fishing, environment, surveying, etc.)